Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Losing some one you love! :'(

     The past month I have been going back and forth from school to the hospital to see my grandma. She was having blood and all kinds of other test done on her, but the doctors don't know what's wrong. Until they noticed that her apendix was ruptured and they believe it had been ruptured for over a week. So she had the surgery and was doing good, but then all of the sudden she was complaining about chest pain and how it was hard to breathe. So the doctors took another test and found that she had fluid around her lungs. She was put on more medication to get rid of it, but the medication wasn't working so they gave her an IV that kept her asleep and motionless. It's basically a medicational coma. She now got put on a ventilator. Three days later she got taken off the ventilator and actually got her wake up. So she had no fluid on or around her lungs at that point. She now is at home and in good care of my mother and my aunt, but after all this stuff happens my uncle gets put in the hospital and got tests run on his chest because he has had really bad chest pain and the day before my grandma got out of the hospital he got 10 pounds of fluid removed from his lungs.
     He got home the next day and fell asleep and when my little cousin went to get up and wake my uncle up he wouldn't wake up. So my great aunt and great uncle rushed him out to the emergency room where they found out he had a lump on his chest. They figured he was having mini strokes and they decided to take him to Rodchester. Where he still is now. When my dad went to see him he told me that my uncle looked like crap and he also said that my uncle told him to talk to his doctor and tell him that if he dies laying there in the Rodchester hospital bed that he didn't want them to revive him. He basically told my dad that if he died he just wanted to stay dead and not be brought back to life.


  1. I'm sorry Kylie, sounds like you have been dealing with a lot lately. It's tough knowing the ones you love are hurting or in pain and there is really nothing you can do about it except be there for them in their times of need. Being able to write about how you feel is a good thing. Keep writing.

  2. My brother had his appendix rupture and no one seemed to know what was wrong. I was a freshmen in college at the time, but I still didn't realize how serious the situation was at the time. Situations like this are always tough, but like Ms. Hanssen said, this may be a great place to vent about it.