Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Explaining Heaven

     Well, last weekend I talked with my relatives about how we have been missing and thinking about my grandpa. He pasted away 5 years ago, but my little brother ended up hearing about how he is not around anymore. My little brother then asked,"Where is Tall Paul?" We used to call my grandpa "Tall Paul" because he did not like all his kids calling him grandpa. We started explaining to my little brother how he is in heaven, but as you probably know 2 year olds don't know the difference between heaven and down to earth. My brother is pretty intelligent so he kind of understood. I had to make him get a mental picture so I compared our grandpa to Casper the friendly ghost. He now understands it: and now when we come home, we go by my grandma and grandpa's house he says, "That's where Tall Paul Casper lives!"