Thursday, September 16, 2010

Killer Spiking

Hello, This is a blog about my freshman year in volleyball. We have been practicing in the gym since August, and we are now almost half way through the season. I am unable to play due to an injury in my hand, but before that happened I was going good and working hard. In practice we work on setting up a thing called bump,set,spike. Our team does very well with setting it up. We love to have a challenge at our games by hitting our target. On our team we have some tall girls so we are able to jump high enough to get on top of the ball, and Drill it into the ground!


  1. Is there any rehab that you're doing right now to help get you back in the game? That's cool that your coach has implemented some competitive things in practice to keep things moving and intense. Keep blogging.

  2. Kylie! FUN that we share same name! :) Glad to hear you were doing good in volleyball, means in years to come you will be even better! I play volleyball at BCLUW and it's getting better every time. Took a few years to get where I am today. Get healed quick and keep up with your blogging!